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I have been using The Gripper now for some time and I Love It!  I have an electric lawn mower and was constantly pulling the plugs apart causing great annoyance.  Since using "The Gripper" my lawn mowing has become easier and much less of a chore.  Plugs stay in place making mowing my lawn almost a pleasure.  M.M., Brampton, ON

 I have the honor to be the very first customer ever to purchase the Gripper. I have used it on many an occasion in the garden, house and workshop. It never comes apart and is simple to attatch to any extension cord even if the two cords are different. It is an excellent addition to my electrical needs. Every household should have a few of them available for various uses. Great product.

Rick Westwood

Head Coach Bullets Track

Started using the gripper in my machine and welding shop .It works great especially when dragging cords up and over large trucks and trailers.   Ron F.     From Mt. Zion.  Ont.

I've used the Gripper in many applications and is very helpful and safe in my business. I cannot afford to shut down production because of a disconnected extension cord. I like to have a case of grippers for every project. They are made as affordable and effective..... Jeff Greene, Businessman.

Great idea.  “The Gripper” should be included in every corded electrical yard work tool sold.

I use it on my yard leaf blower.  No more need to hang on to the extension cord to make sure it doesn’t come unplugged.

I used Velcro strips in the past but they would get all tangled, full of dirt ... not as easy as your Gripper.


I would recommend it for sure.  Robert Gravelle